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Dr Jeb Weisman

Senior Research Scientist

Dr Jeb Weisman

Director, Global Health Informatics, AIGH and Assistant Professor, Department of Global Health and Health System Design, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiDr. Weisman is the convener for the New Health World working group of the Linklater’s Sustainable Innovation in Health Round Table. He holds a doctorate in anthropology, teaches computer and data science, is active in radio engineering and software development, and specializes in the humane application of science, engineering, culture, and health care to address social issues and to ground technology, progress, and health care in ethical practice.

In his various roles, Dr. Weisman has designed patient and family information and learning systems for hospitals and community health centers and overseen the development of four generations of pediatric primary care electronic health record systems(EHR).

He and his team have built applied data systems targeted at the complex organizational and compliance challenges of managing sub-specialty health referrals and transportation logistics, Health tools to support pediatric, family, and reproductive health care, and health information management models and first responder tools for global disaster response.

Jeb has designed and built technologies and networking infrastructures for mobile clinics, pioneered high speed, secure, affordable mobile clinic telecommunications systems, and is working to train pediatricians across the United States to use low cost primary care telehealth technology to serve high need children and adolescents and to improve patient- provider dynamics.

His current projects include developing a data and analysis system that links critical health and education information elements to transcend health care and educational institution silos to improve pediatric health and academic performance, and a data and information visualization and manipulation tool to improve communication and understanding between patients and providers, especially where language and health literacy are challenges.

Dr. Weisman, teaches, sits on various executive committees, and hopes to make a difference. He lives north of New York City a stone’s throw from the Hudson River.

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