PhD Candidates

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Bruno Silva

Studying technology and the role it can play to affect social change


Cassandra J Collins

Creating, accessible, inclusive knowledge toolkits and/or experiences through AI and Game Technology for those, living with learning disabilities

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Cheryl L'Hirondelle

Exploring the relationship between nêhiyawêwin (Cree language) and Gaeilge

(Irish language) sound shapes and the relationship they have to the landscapes and land formations they

engage with through song creation as methods for language learning and custodial land engagement.

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David Pollard

Design thinking and Further Education and Training (FET) practitioners: the impact of the design and evaluation of a novel design-thinking framework for FET practitioners in Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) training

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Eleanor Turner

Providing a framework to better support communities seeking to engage in action-based projects in environmental conservation and management to increase the impact of community action towards achieving national goals for biodiversity conservation.

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Eva Murphy


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Graham Smith

Focusing on TAR (Telepresence Autism Research) focusing on the positive impact telepresence technology can have on people with Autism and other nonverbal and ‘hard to reach’ individuals.


HongSuk Yoon

Applying Inclusive Design Practice to Novel Interfaces for Extreme Users with Locked-in Syndrome by using VR Head-mounted Display (HMD)


James Rwampigi Aniyamuzaala

Investigating how the Public Funding and Support System provide equitable public funding and support for Learners in need of Educational HEAT solutions

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Joseph Young

Exploreing the idea that an archive is haunted by its own histories and that through auto-topographic research strategies these ‘spectres’ can be amplified and placed within a theoretical and site-specific context to examine their potential as a metaphor for social change.

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Julie LeMoine

Applied XR in Health and Wellbeing: Assistive, Augmented Reality-based, Digital Helpers for Transition-age Teens and Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder 


Laura Tobin

Studying the effect and perception of light and colour in AR / VR headsets

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Lori Ada Kilty

Focused on inclusive design, global readiness, general compliance, business intelligence, release, and secondary channels.

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Matt Glowatz

Measuring the impact
of augmented reality (AR) applications on learners’ engagement, motivation, and
performance focusing on undergraduate students in third-level business education.


Moisen (Mohsen) M

Bringing nature to
all abilities through VR-Nature to help reduce depression.

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Phaedra Boinodiris

Studying the relationship between AI and ethics

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Phil J. Ryan

Bureaucracy Map: An inclusively designed User eXperience template for
institutional navigation.


Rob Harvie

Dis/Abilities Reconfigured:
Defining Human Capabilities and Vulnerabilities in an Age of Cyberthreat.


Saskia Wilson-Brown

Exploring the relationship between perfume, access and power.

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Ylva Hansdotter

Focusing on the affordances of immersive storytelling to stimulate prosocial behaviour; comparing the efficacy of an immersive vs. a non-immersive pro-environmental intervention.

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David Graham

Interested in the collision of technology and society and where conflicts of ethics, trust, and governance emerge


José Mariñez

Countermeasures to undermine allostatic load in People of Color in America through Nutrition and Personal Genetics

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Ross Smith

AI and Worker Displacement


Wolfgang Spang

Fascinated by patterns and structures, be it in graphics, photo, video or electronic technology. He seeks to carve out the beauty of disruption, thus subverting the perfect surface that contemporary new media industry is trying to achieve.

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Patrick Crowe

Halfway to the Holodeck