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Dr. Halina Gottlieb


University College Dublin




Thesis Title

Designing Engagement for Art




Halina Gottlieb is a facilitator, co-ordinator and mentor in academia, governmental agencies, visitor centers, research & development programs, and research clusters for innovation of digital heritage and modernization of higher education. Her research focus is on development and evaluation of digital artifacts and methods, tools and course modules supporting interdisciplinary and inter-sectorial programs.

Halina obtained a PhD in digital heritage and design research with the dissertation Designing Engagement for Art – Exploring Interfaces and Interpretive Content of Digital Heritage Artifacts in Museum Environments at the SMARTlab Digital Media Institute University College Dublin, Ireland and Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, Sweden.
She had been affiliated (1999-2020) at the Interactive Institute Swedish ICT Stockholm, the Executive Committee of EPOCH (European Network of Excellence in Cultural Heritage), the European Network of Expertise Centers, NODEM (Nordic Digital Excellence in Museums) conference series, DIHA - an interdisciplinary research cluster at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and the Nordic Knowledge Triangle Program at the Nordic Council of Ministers and has been managing director of Digital Heritage Center Sweden

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