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Dr Tara O'Neil

CCO SMARTlab + CIO SMARTlab Niagara

Dr Tara O'Neil

Tara O'Neil's work in innovation is located at the intersection of design, strategy and foresight. Delivering creative and critical thinking that goes below the surface is found in many examples of Tara’s work. Her PhD thesis, Tara took users to the future using Virtual Reality Tome Portals so that they could overcome their existing cognitive bias and find their inner but buried creative talent. The same process is currently being used in a variety of projects at SMARTlab Niagara, where Tara is the Chief Innovation Officer. From finding innovative solutions to climate change to understanding and gaining empathy regarding the history of Canada be Tara’s time portals are bringing people opportunities to make the invisible, visible.

Before reigniting her pursuit of higher education, Tara was the Chief Creative Officer at a retail design and strategy studio in Toronto. Multidisciplinary teams created the user experience in retail globally. Teams were comprised of designers, strategists, storytellers and artists. Together these powerful teams considered and delivered customer experiences across Omnichannel formats to financial institutions, grocery, home improvement and fashion.

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