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Dr Tara O'Neil

Co-Director - Foresight + Innovation

Tara O'Neil is an accomplished designer, strategist, and futurist, with a strong focus on foresight and innovation. As the Co-Director at SMARTlab, she plays a pivotal role in shaping the organization's creative branding and strategic initiatives.

In her capacity as Co-Director at SMARTlab, Tara takes the lead in driving the organization's creative branding efforts. With her keen eye for design and strategic thinking, she ensures that SMARTlab's brand identity is compelling, cohesive, and aligned with the organization's vision. Tara's expertise in branding allows her to effectively communicate SMARTlab's mission and values to stakeholders and the wider community.

Tara's role as Co-Director involves delivering innovative strategies to propel the organization forward. She leverages her deep understanding of emerging technologies and design thinking to introduce new models of delivery. One such model is that of SMARTlab Niagara, an independent hub that operates under the SMARTlab umbrella. Tara actively contributes to the strategic planning and implementation of SMARTlab's initiatives, drawing inspiration from the success of SMARTlab Niagara in addressing complex challenges and delivering novel solutions.

With her extensive experience in design strategy, Tara is well-equipped to guide SMARTlab in delivering impactful outcomes. Her expertise spans across diverse industries, having previously served as the Chief Creative Officer at a prominent retail design and strategy studio in Toronto. In that role, she led teams of talented designers, strategists, storytellers, and artists, delivering exceptional customer experiences across multiple channels.

Tara's contributions extend beyond her professional endeavors. She is sought-after as a speaker and consultant, valued for her expertise in design, strategy, and foresight. Passionate about helping individuals and organizations navigate the future, Tara continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible. Her leadership at SMARTlab inspires the team to explore innovative approaches and embrace new opportunities.

As Co-Director, Tara O'Neil plays a vital role in shaping SMARTlab's creative branding and driving strategic initiatives. With her expertise in design strategy and her commitment to innovation, she leads the organization in delivering impactful solutions and positioning SMARTlab as a trailblazer in foresight and innovation.

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