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Benjamin Olsen


Benjamin Olsen is the Director of Data and AI Governance Products at Microsoft, where he also facilitates Mindfulness and Compassion programs for employees. As a PhD candidate at University College Dublin's SMARTlab, Benjamin is researching wellbeing for responsible technology, governance, and compliance practitioners through emerging technology experiences.

Benjamin created Microsoft's first company-wide training courses for Responsible AI and helped author their first Responsible AI Standard. He is co-chair of Responsible AI Learning for the World Economic Forum's Responsible Use of Technology working group and contributor to IEEE's AI Ethics for Business working group. Benjamin is a mindfulness meditation teacher, and is currently pursuing teacher certification through The Awareness Training Institute and the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California at Berkeley. He established Responsible Innovation Learning programs at Meta, and has lectured at the University of Washington, Seattle Pacific University, and Stanford.

Benjamin Olsen
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