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Mark Stanley


Mark Stanley is a Director of Process at Microsoft, within the Core Services Engineering and Operations team. Marks work in Microsoft is focused on enhancing the Customer Experience using process rigour, while using data & AI to become more predictable.

In addition to his core role, Mark is a member of the Ireland Diversity & Inclusion Council, and has been involved in many areas of STEM, including helping to Organise the first Irish Local Grace Hopper event. His background is in Mechanical Engineering, and includes experience in Manufacturing, Aerospace and Technology.

Mark is also an avid Scuba diver, instructor, and is on the Technical Commission for diving in Ireland. In addition, he is a photographer & videographer, and takes his interest underwater.

As a PhD Candidate in SMARTlab, School of Engineering, University College Dublin, he takes these different elements of his background, skills and interests, and is focused on developing a use case for using Mixed Reality in the underwater environment.

Mark Stanley
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