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Mary Munro


Mary Munro is a certified executive coach and facilitator, specializing in corporate and personal transformations. She is also a PhD Candidate in Inclusive Design and Creative Technology Innovation at SMARTlab, University College Dublin.
Mary has over 30 years experience as a former adjunct professor at University of Toronto, management consultant, and banking executive. In every role, she has taken the opportunity to challenge the status quo and focus on the user experience to influence culture. Mary led enterprise regulatory transformation programs that enhanced the risk culture. She led the Innovation portfolio for Control Functions and accelerated a culture of protection and change through technology. As the Vice President for Corporate Operations, Employee Education, Diversity and Inclusion and Communication, she enhanced the colleague experience.
Mary’s volunteer work has included Chair of the TD Corporate Women in Leadership Council, mentoring new immigrant women in business, leading corporate colleague engagement and wellbeing programs during the pandemic and Chair of the Homeward Bound industry council, ensuring single mothers received education and full-time employment in the community.
Mary is also a forager and fermenter, and culinary alchemist focusing on fomenting thoughts and flavours with wild media such as bacterial cultures, natural yeasts and traditional, trans-generational methodologies. Through practical, artistic and professional application, Mary is examining the intersection of fermentation, feminism and leadership for ecologically sound, sustainable transformation.

Mary Munro
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