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Moisen (Mohsen) M


As an Inclusive Designer with a focus on Accessible living and Digital accessibility, I have been blessed to be one of the few residents of both realms of digital and urban accessibility. I believe in an accessible and welcoming world for all. Bringing nature to all abilities through VR-Nature is both my passion and my PhD research topic. By creating an immersive-accessible VR experience, individuals can enjoy and benefit nature at their own comfort level. It can also help reduce depression (possibly caused by living in mega cities).

We are all unique and, in our uniqueness, we are all the same:
Individuals require a particular set of preferences and services, thus providing an alternative medium is the key to equal opportunities. I have been privileged to travel around the world and have experienced working and studying in multiple countries. This has helped me build a network of distinct friends and colleagues around the world. Human connection has been the key to my success; building relationships.

Accessibility starts at home:
As an alumnus of the Inclusive Design program at OCAD University and as an accessibility consultant, my primary research has been focused on individual accessible homes utilizing physical, cultural and design perspectives to create an inclusive (Welcoming) environment for all. My extensive background in inclusive design, human center design, research and academia on barrier free built environment has equipped me with the skills to understand individual needs and to satisfy those needs by tailoring solutions to meet unique requests and manage personal requirements. Resulting in creating and writing an Inclusive design architecture guidelines (publish date TBA) .
I'm also a digital accessibility consultant by profession, and currently consult with Ontario Public service, Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS) and Walmart International as Sr accessibility consultant, integrating inclusive design perspective and making the digital services accessible to all.

Moisen (Mohsen) M
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