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Rob Harvie


Rob Harvie is in the first stage and year of his PhD Candidacy for Inclusive Design and Creative Technology Innovation. His research fits the SMARTlab thematic of Assistive Technologies, Inclusive Design, Critical (Dis)ability Studies, Humanistic Informatics and Cybersecurity – his work primarily based at SMARTlab @IDRC, UCD (Dublin) and OCADU (Toronto).

The current title of his project is Dis/Abilities Reconfigured:
Defining Human Capabilities and Vulnerabilities in an Age of Cyberthreat. This research questions how we might better inform ourselves of safeguards against cyberthreats, in context that extreme users of technology themselves often push the limits of intended human computer interface deployment and development.

Rob’s background before undertaking the PhD consists of a robust spread of science, technology and humanities, including degrees in Neuro and Cognitive Science. Some accomplishments:

12 years a founding director of Inclusive Media and Design Inc.
Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competency (IAAP) partner at Applied Virtual Reality Inc. (mid ‘90s) lectured over past three decades at higher education institutions on inclusive interfaces and design, and developed Masters programs in Accessible Media academic R&D in multisensory interfaces, infovisualization and haptics, immersive environments, inclusive media augmentation, and best practices audited the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology’s Masters Program, ran the Virtual Coach House Project, and appointed Fellow of the Program refined knowledge at the Adaptive Technology Research/Resource Centre, University of Toronto (a precursor to Inclusive Design Research Ctr @OCADU) over ten years until assuming role of Director, InformationTechnology Services for the centre’s encompassing Faculty of Information Science awarded funding (2019-2021) from the Canadian Broadcasting Accessibility Fund to rebuild CapScribe, an accessibility tool for digital video augmentation.

Rob Harvie
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