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AuSome GrowSome is raising £2,500 to provide opportunities for autistic and marginalised communities

Autism and special needs community entering into the adult world experience difficulties in accessing and sustaining opportunities of learning, employment as they transition to adulthood.

Through AuSome GrowSome, an inclusive hyrodoponic vertical farm, we wish to address this issue by providing training opportunities in all aspects of growing green produce, herbs and microgreens for individuals with autism across all abilities. Our social enterprise aims to provide a safe and inclusive environment in a vertical farm, where young people can explore the different aspects of cultivation, harvesting and distribution leading to developing new skills and experiential learning creating positive outcomes. In addition to our social impact, we will also have a positive environmental impact through our farm to fork approach, generating a local supply of green produce reducing the reliance on imports and food miles.

We have developed the technological knowhow for growing a range of lettuces and green leafy vegetables and microgreens and we are now beginning to set up our our vertical farm. We have acquired part funding for equipment and seek matched funding for our hydroponic Centre. Your contribution will help us to 1) buy the vertical walls, pumps and hydroponic supplies and 2) develop the prototype and set up the training elements for the autistic youth.

The pictures show the successful trials that we conducted with the Agriculture college.

Help us fund our own set up for further exploration in Inclusive Agriculture!

Please visit our website for more information

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