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Dr Daria Dorosh presents Unconventional: Then, Now and Always- a unique retrospective

Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

Live stream of the Launch on 3rd August via zoom to be facilitated by SMARTlab- watch this space!

Dear Friends,

A unique exhibition will be on view at FIT in NYC from August 3 - September 10th, 2023.

This exhibit is a double show, featuring Max Meyer, a founder of FIT, and myself, an alumni, professor emerita, and archive donor to special collections@FIT.

It is an opportunity to experience two centuries that have intersected our lives, - one analogue, one digital, expressed through art, fashion, technology, video, and scent created for the project by Gayil Nalls.

The Max Meyer collection, curated by Karen Jamison Trivette, is represented by fifteen sketches and 1920s garments that emanate an elegance in design, textile, and color.

Together with historic archives and new technology, the installation speaks about women, privilege, innovation, the rise of new media and mass entertainment.

The selection of my artwork from 2004 - 2023 moves out of the last century into the current one of repurposing, collaboration, street fashion, mobile culture, against a chaotic symphony of bits and bytes.

It defines fashion as public art and questions its role; it indulges in pattern saturation in video, sound, and print; and it maps the content visually to spark further insight.

Best regards,


"Dorosh playfully connects the fashion drawings Meyer commissioned for licensing couture to her one-of-a-kind art works: “He took a unique and made it a multiple, whereas I take a multiple and make it unique.”

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