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Marie Curie Fellowship Awarded To Dr. Karolina Zawieska

SMARTlab- IDRC PhD Graduate Dr Karolina Zawieska is progressing her innovative research career in Copenhagen, with her Marie Curie Individual Fellowship on The Ethics of Social Robotics at the Institute of Culture!

This project brings a sociological perspective to the field of roboethics and Human-Robot Interaction (HRI). The project aims to investigate how to facilitate integration of ethics into the roboticists’ thinking and actual work as opposed to approaching ethics as a mainly philosophical or procedural matter. In particular, the goal is to investigate which strategies and measures would need to be undertaken in order to facilitate the emergence of ‘a culture of responsible robotics’ (CRR) within the community of HRI researchers and beyond. In order to develop frameworks for CRR, the project involves studying of how roboticists and HRI researchers understand the meaning of ‘sociality’ and ‘ethics’ and whether it is possible and how to combine the two.

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